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i miss her

so much has happened...and i dont know were to begin im not wit tiff since 1/10/08..i left her she was rite i cant handle her...she has to much drama around her and in her life..yes i love her and she loves me....and dat wat sux....we both love each other and we want to b together but we cant...and ben knows how i feel bout her and dat i rather b wit her den yeah im goin back home to az to work it out wit him..but i really dont think its goin to work out bc tiff has my heart not ben...idk...i dont kno wats goin to happen but im willin to wait and c wat happens...maybe ill get ova tiff and fall back in love wit ben...ehh who knows maybe it wont work and i end up comin back to florida and end up wit tiff..i know dats what she wants...wat we both want...i miss her so much and i lied to her and told her dat im not goin to az to b wit ben but i suppose to b leavin thursday..but idk...i wana c her b4 i leave but damnit she lives so far away...o well at least we got to spend wensday together and took a bunch of pix which ill b putin up on here and my myspace even though bens gona b pissed off o fuckin well... 

Tags: missin tiff
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