GRACIE (gracie4881) wrote,

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like wow

so like omg lol ive only been here 2 days and so much has happened  
like its funny how i use to joke around that i was turn into a lesbo if things didnt work out wit guys and lol...i now have a gf umm yeah u heard me a gf...and bleh yeah im still wit ben put idk nemore...
i love tiff so much my tink...its not like i just met here cause b4 i came down here i was talkin to her on myspace..den i gave her my number and we started textin and talkin on da phone so happy like 4 real...not many ppl know but they will know im sure bens gona find out wen he sees all da comments dat she leaves me..idk how to tell him id think im eva goin to tell him untill he ask...i already said dat i dont want to go back to arzonia cause im not happy ova there..blah i dont feel like talkin bout dat rite now
im just happy dat im wit tiff she makes me happy as fuck lol looks like im gona be a les lol poor ben o well gota make me happy and tiff does dat 4 me

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